Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

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Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions can help your business reduce risk and improve efficiencies. They offer features such as centralized storage, automated document formatting, and compliance tracking. They also help you manage your contracts and data.

Juro is an end-to-end CLM solution that empowers legal and commercial teams in scaling businesses. It offers standardized contract authoring and can handle contracts with extensive negotiation periods. Its functionality is robust, but it prioritizes ease of use over high levels of customization.

Vendor Contract Management for Beginners
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Named a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Icertis is taking contract management beyond efficiency and visibility to help customers unlock the power of contracts as one of the largest strategic resources for value. With the help of its cloud-based platform, companies can streamline contract-related processes and automate tasks, resulting in increased productivity and reduced risk.

Icertis enables users to manage the full lifecycle of contracts by providing them with access to a single source of truth, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive business growth. The platform can also help streamline contract review and negotiation processes, reducing the time it takes to sign contracts by up to 50%.

Icertis also helps reduce legal, procurement, and sales risks by managing contracts with a single source of truth. Its unified contract repository stores bids, supplier data, negotiated prices, and contract terms. Moreover, Icertis’s advanced search capabilities enable users to locate contracts quickly and easily. It can also connect to third-party systems for a seamless contracting experience.


Juro is a contract lifecycle management solution that offers a streamlined, easy-to-use platform that streamlines the contracting process. It allows teams to collaborate on contracts in one unified workspace and eliminates the friction of swapping files back and forth, or moving them between multiple tools. This makes it easier to agree on contracts in real time.

In addition to its strong collaboration capabilities, Juro also provides advanced eSignature functionality. It is designed to meet European Union regulations and adds an extra layer of security to the signing process. It is also more reliable than traditional email and fax signatures.

Another feature of Juro is its ability to track engagement data and provide visibility to parties. This information is displayed on a Kanban dashboard, which helps teams keep up with their agreements more quickly. The platform can also help you prioritize contracts based on their status, leading to faster turnaround times. It is a great option for companies that need to improve their contracting processes.


Agiloft is an Enterprise SaaS company that helps legal departments save money and accelerate contract workflows. Its solution includes a Contract Management Suite, budget and forecast reports, a search engine with optical character recognition (OCR), and more. The solution also features workflow automation, automatic notifications and one-click contract creation. The CLM platform is built to work the way you want it to and can integrate with other systems, such as email, LDAP, and custom back-ends.

Contract management services help reduce the time it takes to get an agreement in principle from a supplier to a signed contract. This frees up procurement teams to focus on higher value-creating activities and reduces risk for the organization. It can also result in increased revenue from new business and cost savings by avoiding service disruptions and missed disclosures. It can also increase efficiency by reducing the number of manual processes. The solution has military-grade security and enables compliance with regulatory requirements like SOX, GDPR, and FDA.


Sirion combines category-leading innovation and unrivaled Contract Lifecycle Management expertise to help the world’s leading businesses contract smarter. Its easy-to-use, intelligent platform empowers legal, procurement, sales and business teams to author stronger contracts and improve risk management. It also allows companies to monitor performance against contractual obligations and deliverables with powerful analytics.

The vendor says its solution enables all enterprise teams to optimize contracts with centralized control and real-time access to contract data and intelligence through an accessible, cloud repository. It offers pre-configured dashboards and reports that drive business outcomes. Its AI engine analyzes contracts to find legal blind spots and accelerates the authoring, negotiation, approval, and compliance processes.

The system provides seamless functionality from authoring and signature to active in-life management and termination in a single platform. It also enables legal and contract management teams to meet complex needs through automated workflows, document assembly, clause libraries, document comparison, and advanced search, data extraction, and analytics capabilities.
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Contract Management Systems

By Melissa Steele
Contract management systems are a valuable tool for teams looking to streamline the contracting process. They can help teams better track deadlines, reduce costly vendor auto-renewals, and prevent missed business opportunities. The best contract management system features are designed to help speed up the entire process, facilitate collaboration and negotiation between team members, and make all contracts text-searchable.

Contract Management Manager

By James Monto
Contract management managers are the glue that holds the business together. They start each day with a thorough review of current contracts and then spend the rest of the time facilitating collaboration and negotiation. They are expert negotiators, able to effectively communicate with people from all walks of life.

Management Agreement Contract

By Peter Martin
Management contracts are documents that outline the responsibilities and expectations between two parties. These contracts can be used to manage projects or businesses for a fee. Typically, a management contract involves a business handing over operational control of one or more departments to a contracted company.

Vendor Contract Management

By Dr. Kavita Shaikh
Vendor contract management is the process of creating a standardized and efficient process for managing vendor contracts. It includes everything from contract creation, negotiation and storage to tracking key details like renewals dates and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Contract Lifecycle Management Solutions

By Frank Martin
Contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions can help your business reduce risk and improve efficiencies. They offer features such as centralized storage, automated document formatting, and compliance tracking. They also help you manage your contracts and data.

Cloud Contract Management

By Richard Romando
Contracts are crucial for businesses and they must be managed efficiently. Ineffective contract management processes can lead to significant value leakage. Teams working remotely often face challenges in collaborating on contracts since they must transfer data back and forth between different tools.

Contract Lifecycle Management Salesforce

By Jared D. Ingram
Whether a business is trying to increase customer satisfaction or grow revenues, the contracting process plays an essential role. However, it can be very complex and costly without an integrated Salesforce solution. Extensive negotiation periods, missed deadlines, and post-signature risks can reduce the value of a contract.

Contract Procurement Process

By George Melzer
When it comes to developing a contract for a type of business or service there is a process that is followed. It is called the contract procurement process and it generally has six steps. While these six steps are important, it is also important to understand that this process is needed in order secure what you need for a project to get what you want in the end.

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